Parks in Jacksonville

Importance of Parks in a City

If you want to keep your heart healthy, then a communion with nature in your local park is a good first step. People who live near parks have greater opportunities for physical activities such as running, walking or participating in other activities that will make their hearts happy. In fact, studies show that adopting an active lifestyle reduces stress and obesity, and may even lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, which speaks in favor of large open spaces as a gateway to better health

While healthy communities clearly improve the physical and mental well-being of adults, the benefits to another segment of the population – children and young people – cannot be forgotten. With childhood obesity as a persistent problem throughout the country, children face many of the same medical problems as their parents. Again, maintaining parks and vibrant open spaces are important factors in addressing this problem.

Exposing young people to the joys of outdoor activities in open spaces such as urban parks helps reduce stress, improves physical and emotional health, reduces hyperactivity, and builds stronger immune systems. It can also help future generations shape them into people who care about the environment and therefore commit to revitalizing and improving the urban park system.

Breathe better

Urban parks also support public health by cleaning the air we breathe. The leaves of trees and plants improve air quality by removing toxins such as carbon monoxide and ozone that are especially prevalent in cities and harmful to your health. These types of pollutants have been linked to respiratory problems in children, the elderly and people suffering from asthma.

To ensure that everyone in the community is fit and healthy, it is important that cities have a wide variety of parks to meet the interests of diverse populations. From parks and play areas to greenways and trails, open spaces are critical to helping neighborhood residents build and build stronger, safer and healthier communities.

Arlington Lions Club

4322 Richard D. Gatlin Road at end of Univ. Blvd. N.


The park has an area of 36 acres. It boasts open sunrise and sunset. Amenities includes nature trail, picnic areas, picnic shelters, playground, boardwalk, manatee education exhibit, boat ramp and grills


Bethesda Park

10790 Key Haven Road


Enjoy fishing in this park with its 20-acre lake maintained and stocked for fishing. It also has 1,400 feet of handicap accessible picnic facilities and nature trail boardwalks. The Bethesda Park Lodge amenities includes a full kitchen and restrooms, four cabins with four bunk beds, a restroom, and a kitchenette.


Blue Cypress Park

4012 University Boulevard North


The park has an area of 118 acres. It has a new fishing pier, small ponds, and wooded areas. There will also be a new nine-hole golf course with a small pro-shop. Other amenities includes swimming pool and a community Center.


Huguenot Memorial Park

10980 Heckscher Drive


With its huge area of 449.5 acres, it boasts different facilities that everyone can enjoy. Have fun with its fishing areas, boat launch, picnic pavilions, bird observation tower and much more.


Boone Park

3700 Park Street 32205


Relax in its picnic ground which includes 24 Picnic Tables, 2 picnic shelters, and 8 Grills. The 26-acre park also has a wooden fitness course, 16 lighted clay tennis courts, a pro-shop and a one-mile paved trail.

Animal Adoption Centers in Jacksonville

If you are an animal lover, you must have a good childhood memory about your pet of if you haven’t had a pet, you must have asked for one. There must have also been an instance that you asked your parents to adopt a dog.

Dogs have a natural appeal to both children and adults alike. They attract us right away for their beauty, loyalty and love. However, we have to think about the responsibility involved. This article will give you basic information to help you make this important decision.

When Adopting a Dog…

Adopting a dog is a very important decision that we have to meditate its depth. Dogs are very loving companions and give us great joy, but also is a big responsibility, and you may not be ready, for one reason or another, to care for them throughout their lives. The greatest example of this is the number of dogs that are abandoned. Leaving them when we will not be able to take good care of them is the first irresponsible behavior that can be committed.

It is very important that we think for a while the possibility of adopting a dog. It must never be something sudden or impulsive. We must weigh if our schedules allow us to get him a ride when needed, if we can bear the expenses that arise (food, regular vet visits, vaccinations, belts, hygiene …) and if we have the patience and dedication necessary to educate them correctly.

If we are 100% confident that we can take care of him, and it is a decision we have thought over a long time, we can begin the process of adopting. However, if we had other pets and the result has been positive, this means one more point in favor of the adoption of a new family member.

Where to Adopt

We can buy in pet stores, adopting kennel or shelter, or host a puppy from a litter advertised in many places. The options most recommended are the last two, because pet stores are only suitable to buy fish and rodents. Dogs, on the other hand, are in storefronts, caged waiting to get out of there to run, play and maintain social contact with other dogs or people. Keeping them in a confined area is not the best treatment for the dogs.

One advantage of adoption is we are helping the homeless dogs, kennels, and animal shelters. These organizations usually have many animals and few resources, so it is very difficult for them to take good care of the animals that they handle. People usually go to stores looking for a purebred dog, especially a puppy. However, purebreds can also be found in kennels because many people who have adopted one, have ended up leaving them.

People working in the animal shelter can help you a lot to choose the dog that bests suit you. This option gives you the opportunity to give new life to a dog that has been either physically or emotionally abused.

The following are some of the pet adoption centers in Jacksonville and nearby counties.


Jacksonville Animal Care & Protective Services

2020 Forest Street | Jacksonville, FL 32204

904-630-City(2489) |

ADOPTION HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday & Monday Closed


Jacksonville Humane Society

8464 Beach Blvd. | Jacksonville, FL 32216

904-725-8766 |

ADOPTION HOURS: Monday & Tuesday 11 am to 6 pm

Wednesday Closed

Thursday & Friday 11 am to 6 pm

Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

Sunday 12 pm to 4 pm


St. Johns County Pet Center

130 N Stratton Road | St Augustine, FL 32095


ADOPTION HOURS: Monday Closed except for scheduled appointments

Tuesday -Saturday 9 am to 4:30 pm Sunday Closed


Safe Animal Shelter

2913 County Road 220 Middleburg, FL 32068

904-276-7233 |

ADOPTION HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday 12 pm to 5 pm

Sunday & Monday Closed