Exciting Reasons Why You Would Want To Move To Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a big city both regarding land mass and population. In fact, it has the largest land area in the continental United States and the highest population in the region. It is also a culturally diverse city as it is home to people from different parts of the world. Aside from its cultural diversity, the city is also diverse regarding landscape. It is a business center, but it still has a lot of parks, nature reserves, river, and beaches. You will never get bored in this city. The following are some of the reasons why you would want to move to Jacksonville. Call movers in Jacksonville, FL now to start the process.

Jacksonville is a melting pot of race and culture

Living in Jacksonville can make you feel like you are living in your hometown wherever state or country you came from for that matter. There will always be a street, neighborhood or establishment that will remind you of your childhood memories. The city has the charisma to people with Latin, Asian and European origins. Their combined culture with gastronomy makes it a place where you want to be.

The city has more than 500 neighborhoods where you can find multiple foreign communities. It seems there is a representative from almost all countries in the world. So if you want to experience different cultures, cuisines, and traditions from people around the world, look no further and just move to Jacksonville. Contact your moving companies to get an idea on how to move to the city.

A city of arts and history

If you think Jacksonville is just all about fun, bars, business, restaurants, nature, and beaches. There is another major characteristic of the city that you forgot to put on your list, and that is arts. The city is home to different museums and theaters.

The city has the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. The museum has a large and unique collection of porcelains. It is also home to American, Japanese, and European art masterpieces.

It also boasts the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville. The museum regularly exhibits more than 700 art works both permanent and traveling.

Aside from these two art museums, it also has a lot of other types of museums such as science, maritime, library, and even fire museum.

The city was also once the center of the film industry in the country before Hollywood emerged. Its remnants of its film industry’s past can be seen in its number of historical cinemas and theaters.

The city’s artistic inclination can’t just be seen in its museum and theaters but in its city scape itself. Aside from its defining building, the Wells Fargo Center, the city’s skyline is adorned with buildings with different architectural styles.

The Night Life

When it comes to having a night out to enjoy with your friends and families, the city has a lot of places for you. Jacksonville is home to different communities, cultures, traditions and therefore can find most of the places you visit offer the best service.

The city is known worldwide for its nightlife. You will find clubs, discos or bars in different parts of the city. In Jacksonville Beach you can find modern areas to start the evening with some music then followed with food, drinks, and dancing in a disco or club.

Enjoy nature

For those who like to be in touch with nature, then this is a good place to live. First, you have many parks where you can go and enjoy a quiet and different evening with your family.

If you want to visit somewhere different, you can visit one of its botanical gardens such as Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens. You will be able to appreciate species of tropical trees, flowers, birds, butterflies. Then spend time with your children with a tour that takes them to discover new things. You can also visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and enjoy a room full of animals and even feed them.

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