The Influence Of Social Media To SEO

The search for information is an increasingly natural, less automatic process. Google has had to adapt to the rise of various factors, such as voice queries and mobile devices.

One of the notable changes in the algorithm of Google was the famous Hummingbird. It has caused many companies to rethink their online marketing strategy. Optimization has changed; If you want the search engines to find you, you have to carry out new actions based not only on the keyword system.

How can you gain visibility in this changing context? Google’s blog gives us SEO experts a clue how to improve a site’s positioning: not through links but by creating high-quality websites with compelling content that users can use and share. This update is where the social component comes into play, one of the key aspects of today’s SEO.

A survey by SearchMetrics reveals that seven of the top 10 factors influencing rankings are directly related to social media. The truth is that the flow of visitors generated by the Social Media moves independently to the search engines. Therefore, to achieve effective positioning, you should not only focus efforts on optimizing the website of your company, since the relevance of the page is determined largely by social factors. Local Jacksonville SEO companies continuously update strategies with these changes in mind.

How does social media influence site positioning?

Many are determined to separate SEO and Social Media, but the fact is that the social element is an essential part of the positioning of any page. Search engines give value to that quality content mentioned earlier. Users define what is interesting and what is not through recommendations, “like” or retweets. Google takes note of these signals and classifies the information accordingly. As a business, this should give you more incentives to interact with your customers via social networking sites as implemented by a local SEO in Fernandina Beach, FL.

Positioning better in Google does not depend on a single factor, but good management in Social Media can help us achieve the best positions naturally. Platforms like Twitter or Facebook are nourished with compelling content linking to the source. Your website should be the starting point for that relevant information, so you can capture traffic and generate interactions.

All social networks are not the same. Logically, the most famous search engine sweeps home. The data indicate that Google Plus is the most important platform to improve ranking positions, and having an active presence in it can give you significant benefits. As a business, you can widen your network by signing up to local directories, for example, Brandfolder – Jacksonville SEO company.

Facebook is the second medium in importance, behind the Google Plus. “Likes,” comments and shared content are essential to improving your search visibility. In the same way, participation in Pinterest and Twitter is fundamental to gain notoriety.

This new policy imposed by Hummingbird prioritize more content value for a more efficient information retrieval. Actively participating in social networks may improve one’s position of authority in the face of possible searches.

Linking with social platforms

Positioning strategies are increasingly sophisticated. If you want to obtain results for your website, the actions must cover several fronts. The optimization of your page should be on site and off site, complementing the technical aspects with the creation of content and maintaining an active presence in social networks.

The backlinks – links that a web page receives from other pages – are still useful for SEO, since a well-referenced site indicates that it is indeed important. But to gain visibility and increase user traffic, you must be concerned with building links to social networks (Social Link Building), linking your website to these platforms.

Contact with the user increases the conversion possibilities. The maxim is that, if the content you offer is good, it will attract more visitors who will converse with your brand. Today the search for information is done through social networks, hence the importance of having an active presence in them.

When it comes to classifying information, Google takes into account what interests the users. The creation of content along with the dissemination that can provide you platforms such as Facebook allows other media to index your publications as a reference. The result: links to your site are built naturally.

Will SEO die a natural death?

The latest changes made by Google have led many experts to proclaim the death of SEO as you know it. However, what Hummingbird comes to tell us is that the current positioning depends on two factors: the content and the social component.

This evolution begins with the idea of improving the search experience of Internet users, who receive more precise results. This update doesn’t mean Google has given up on the keyword system, but increasingly less data is available in this regard, such as the more and more usual not provided in Analytics. In the SEO-SEM battle, it seems to be winning the latter.

Positioning your business in this context is more complicated, right, but you have more tools to get the notoriety that your company needs to be competitive on the Internet. Social networks play a critical role in SEO strategy. Current marketing should promote a synergy between the purely organic and the social media strategy.

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